Funny Exposure: Do Blondes Really "have more fun"?

Do Blondes Really "have more fun"? Sure, we’ve all heard the old saying, “Blondes have more fun!” But do they really? Here, 5 reasons why yes they actually do (or at least why their color comes with a few perks) and why you may want to get in on all the action, too...

1. Getting fed up with your current color? Are you always thinking of changing things up a bit but not sure what shade to choose next? Blonde adds brightness, contrast and energy to your current hair color.

2. Blonde hair softens up your facial features (sometimes super dark hair is a bit harsh against the complexion and can wash you out if you don’t choose the right shade for your skin tone). 

3. It’s a youthful color choice and really great for women with 50% to 100% grays. You’re already half way to blonde, so might as well since it does such a great job of covering grays

4.Blondes look like they have more hair! It’s an illusion.Lightening can create the illusion of a fuller more abundant texture.

5. If you are looking for a totally refreshing change and dramatic transformation, then blonde is the way to go. You’ll have people doing a double-take wondering if it’s really you!


How to Care for Wavy and Curly Hair--From Unice Advise

Curly hair may look totally carefree, but we have to level with you. There’s actually a lot of work that goes into keeping them healthy and looking good. And how you do that totally depends on your hair texture. Ready to refine your routine? Unice experts provide their most essential curly hair tips for every type out there.

The One Thing All Curly Hair Needs
  For every type of curly hair, conditioning is priority number one. Curly and coily hair don’t get the natural scalp oils that straight and wavy hair get, because curls and texture don’t allow for constant brushing, which is how natural scalp oils moisturize hair.
  More than any other hair type, curls must be conditioned regularly. In fact, even the simple act of shampooing dehydrates curls; the warm water opens the cuticle, allowing the cleansers to flow into the hair shaft and rinse out many of the nutrients. It’s the same thing that happens to your skin after washing your hands – they just feel dry. This is why frequent conditioning should be an automatic part of a curly girl’s hair care regimen.
  Experts recommend regular, twice monthly deep conditioning treatments to keep curls in healthy shape

Wavy to Loose Curly Hair
  What it looks like
“Soft, less defined waves that are approximately 2” wide. Hair is curlier with length,” Stylist says.
  What it needs
Loose curls and waves have the tendency to fall flat. Products that will add life to those looser curls and waves.You may need a mousse or light gel to combat frizz when styling.
A voluminous shampoo and conditioner helps give loose curls and waves needed bounce. Style hair with an ultra-light mousse to define curls and fight frizz. Add a curl-enhancing mist for hold and extra definition helps lock in texture.

Medium Curly Hair
  What it looks like
Hair that is ‘classically’ curly has wide curls with good definition, bounce and lots of volume. Occasionally two types of medium curls are found on one head, a bigger, looser curl mixed with tighter ringlets.
  What it needs
Curly hair is usually soft to the touch, but needs a moisturizing system to keep hair smooth and healthy”. As for styling, you will need products to keep hair defined and frizz free. Classic curls should not use a brush or comb on dry curls which will cause the hair to expand and contribute to frizz.To keep curls hydrated, use a light lathering, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

Tight Curls or Ringlets
What it looks like
Tight curly hair is “a mixture of 1/2″ to 1″ wide curls throughout the hair,” while another texture features “tiny ringlets of mostly Z-shaped hair when stretched."
What it needs
The curliest type of hair is also the most prone to dryness and damage, so deep conditioning treatments are important. It generally doesn’t have the protective layer that all other types have, so hair is much more fragile.
Unice experts recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce tangles. Also, air drying tight curls or using a hair dryer on low heat with a diffuser works best for this type.

Whether you have slight waves or tight ringlets, remember that the key to keeping your curls healthy and gorgeous is getting personal with your routine. Once you’ve got that down, good hair days are inevitably in your future.



The 90’s might be making a fashion comeback, but there’s one thing we hope stays in the past…chunky highlights. You remember, the kind our favorite pop stars rocked? That and butterfly clips (please don’t wear anything plastic in your hair!). Thankfully, we’ve refined the art of highlighting to natural, perfectly-blended color that looks kissed-by-the-sun. And of course ombré, the biggest breakthrough in highlights, has been making waves for years. But is ombré unlike it’s very distant relative, the chunky highlight, a hair trend that’s here to stay? We predict it is (at least for a while!) especially since it’s so natural looking and looks great on everyone. So ladies, grab your brushes. It’s time to ombré!

Haven’t rocked the ombré look yet? This classic ombré looks gorgeous on darker hair, plus it’s super simple to do. The darker you are, the more dramatic it will be.

Step #1: Select either a lighter shade of permanent hair color or a highlighting kit specifically designed for dark hair color (Try Hairpainting).
Step #2: Map out whether you want to see your long blonde steaks or a brush coating at the ends (typically, if you have long hair, you’ll want to start below mid hair shaft)
Step: #3: Apply color using a hair color brush (Pro Tip: Root Touch-Up already includes a brush and works for ombré too!)
Step #4: Next, apply your lighter hair in big sweeping brush strokes on the surface of the hair to avoid hair sticking together.
Step #5: Repeat until you have applied color to your desired strands.
Step #6: Set your timer for the time listed on the box. 

Perfect for wavy hair that’s medium to light brown, this fiery contrast will help bring out the natural tones of your hair and highlight its natural texture

Step #1: Choose the tone of red you want to see when your hair curves and bends. You can go up to 2 levels lighter than your starting color. 
Step #2: Using a hair color brush, apply your permanent red shade on dry, curvy styled hair. Make sure to apply with large sweeping brush motions on the surface of the hair and detangle using your fingers. 
Step #3: Repeat until all your desired strands are coated. 
Step #4: Set your timer for the time listed on the box. 

Depending on your starting hair color, you may want to choose two slightly different shades to create a dark and light contrast. Use a slightly darker hair color for your root area and a lighter shade on your strands. If your hair is already a dark blonde or light brown, this look is perfect for you! Choose a shade for your roots that matches your current color just to give them a bit more shine and vibrancy. 

Step #1: Apply the darker color to the root area using a hair color brush. We like Root Touch-Up in Medium Brown 5. 
Step #2: After applying, process your color for the time indicated on the box and rinse well. 
Step #3: Blow dry or let your hair dry naturally.  
Step #4: Using a hair color brush in a sweeping motion, apply the second lighter hair color on the surface of dry wavy hair. Select the areas you would like to lighten like around the face. 
Step #5: Set your timer for the time indicated on the box. Check your hair color every 5 minutes until your desired blonde is reached. 

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2016 Hottest Haircuts You Should Try Right Now

Are you the type that loves to be on-trend and wearing “the style” of the season? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Take a peep at these chic cuts and sexy styles that are THE hottest haircuts RIGHT now. We know you’ll find inspiration for your next trip to the salon here.

Voluminous layers unleashed at the crown provide a windblown effect, adding definition to this cropped cut and rich chocolate hue.

Chestnut hues mixed with reddish accents create depth for this asymmetrical style that boasts flirty wisps and cropped bangs.

Sexy swirls of curls are nestled at the crown of this short cut, begging to be emulated by those who seek to achieve a voluptuous style.

This bob is all about the luminous glow of golden brown strands that fall from an off-center part into a smooth, face-framing style.

A charismatic golden hue is the perfect contrast to this layered short cut, helping to accentuate both texture and movement.

A sultry side-swept bang that grazes the cheekbone begs you to take notice of this shapely short cut and dazzling auburn hue.

Creamy beige-blonde bangs are swept up and away before continuing their graceful decent into blunt cut, shoulder-length strands.

A stunning cropped cut that makes a statement with intertwining butterscotch and toffee highlights.

A basic bob is infused with rich golden hues and head-hugging strands that follow the contours of her striking face shape.

The perfect short hairstyle relies on a great cut, which is exactly what this style achieves with defined lines that encompass the face.

A thick veil of bangs take center stage while wispy strands dance around the perimeter, immediately captivating our attention.

Perfection comes easy for this espresso pixie that creates artful texture with its voluminous crown and slicked-back sides.

This expertly crafted blunt cut forbids frizz, and instead highlights smooth, sleek strands on an enviable copper hair color.

Are you interested in these hairstyle? Try it now! More hairstyles please follow our blogger, you will know the trend.

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