Follow Five Rules, Let Your Natural Hair Slay Out

If you don't like wear any hair weaves, hair extensions or wigs, but you are addicted to your natural wave. One of the biggest issues you have must be that your hair always look and feel extremely dry, even after it was freshly washed. UNice workers specially inquired hair salon stylist about this problem. Following is what we have learned from her and would like to share with all of you. 

1. No Sulfates 
I guess most of you use sulfate free shampoo same as me. Because we don’t know this. Shampoos that contain sulfates can strip your natural hair of its moisture, and in turn leaving it feeling and looking dry and brittle.

2. Rinse, and Repeat!
Usually you will use Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse at least every two weeks to balance out the pH of your hair. It not only gets rid of all of the product build-up, but it restores your strands, and in turn leaving them looking and feeling smooth and moisturized. Another great rinse is a coconut milk rinse.

3. Deep Conditioning
Many girls is very lazy, because they never deep condition their natural hair. But it prove that it is very important to deep condition your hair before and after a protective style.
However, deep conditioning is an extra layer of defense to further moisturize your hair. Also, using heat, such as sitting under the dryer, helps to raise the hair cuticle so the conditioner can penetrate deep down into your hair strands.

4. Leave-In, Moisturize, and Seal
After shampooing and conditioning, you should then apply a leave in conditioner as your first layer of moisture. Next, you then need to seal in that moisture by adding an oil. For good measure you can also add a moisturizing cream or butter over the oil.
A huge common mistake we make was simply dabbing oil only our hair, without first moisturizing it, and then we would wonder why our hair was super dry. Putting oil on dry hair will only leave you with dry oily hair.

5. Protective Style
Protective styles are favored by girls all of the world. Not only because they give me an extra 30 minutes in the morning to sleep, but also because they are a great way to help your hair retain moisture. Try an easy protective style if you are a newbie, as long as the style lasts for one to two weeks at a time you should be fine.

What do you do to keep your hair soft and moisturized? Don’t forget to share your own experience with us, like and share this article if you feel it is helpful. More hair care tips, Subscribe UNice on YouTube. 


Top 10 Last Minute Makeup Ideas to Try in Halloween 2016

It’s end of October — can you feel it? That chill in the air, the delightful crispness that means basically the world’s best holiday is on its way. That’s right: Halloween is just around the corner. We don’t want to put any undue pressure on you but it’s time to get your creative juices flowing if you want to win the best costume prize at this year’s party. Not feeling inspired? No need to fret, we’ve got the scary party covered with 10 killer Halloween makeup ideas that require just your cosmetic stash and a little patience. No matter your skill level, we’re sure there’s a Halloween makeup idea that’s perfect for you. Peep them all above.

This makeup re-imagined for the new millennium, breathless beauty on her.

We are simultaneously terrified of and totally impressed by this optical illusion look.

You don't necessarily need a name for your costume — just some standout colors and creative application.

A sugar skull makeup look is always a great way to go. Sees scary but actually not afraid it.

Talk about the ultimate pop art look, comic book. Really cute and lovely, right?

Another doll look for those with plenty of tats, so many elements of Halloween, creative idea.

Even if Saw scared the crap out of you, you have to admit that this makeup look rocks.

Off-the-wall creepy is a fun, easy costume! Are you ready to try? 

Gorgeous animal makeup, inspired by her delicate skill. For party? Yes, interesting.

Black and grey is the color of Halloween, this makeup perfect suits this holiday.

Sometimes, one woman is an entire galaxy. Really impressive makeup, light up my eyes.

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Lace Frontal Sew In__Questions & Answers with UNice hair

Halloween Holiday! Trick or Treat?

It is Halloween soon, are you ready for everything to celebrate this big holiday? Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition, filled with mystery, magic and superstition now. But most people would remember this holiday because of some popular traditions on this important occasion, such as "Trick or Treat", "Bobbing for apples", "Pumpkin lantern". This day is usually on 31st, Oct, which is the symbol that summer is over and winter begins. Nowadays, it has become the worldwide holiday that most people would love shopping before this day. So are you prepared your Halloween costume, accessorieshair and makeup? I like some more tender Halloween look, not scary look. Treat yourself better and here we go!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, "trick-or-treating is about the kids," we know. But what if your whole family wants to join in the on costume fun? Should they be punished?! HECK NO! Dressing in a united costume theme is a great way to show how close knit you are while simultaneously making the neighbors jealous they didn't think of it first! #TwoBirds. Here are some super stinkin' cute ideas for themes ranging from a family of traditional breakfast offerings to whimsical garden gnomes. Take a moment to do some facial stretches so you don't pull a cheek muscle...because you're going to be doing a lot of smiling over these cutie patriotic options.

In less than a week a new breed of pumpkins will come to life. Powered by the flaming glow of fire and the wild and crazy minds of artists around the world. From freaky to funny, these 25 mind-blowing pumpkin carvings are certain to entertain any onlooker on the hunt for treats, enjoy!

Wow, these Halloween masks are really scary but really popular, no matter how old you are, you really must have a try. Wear these mask, you are felling the real Halloween, a particular love to this holiday. Which one would you want to wear most? Here we go and rock other now!

Come Halloween time, it can be fun to go all-out and spend a slightly uncomfortable amount of cash on an incredible costume. But usually, due to constraints on time and budget, we end up going for something more tender and affordable, yet obviously still stylish. these gorgeous accessories maybe the best choice. 

DIY Halloween makeup ideas that will fit any budget. Are you one of the millions filling the parks on your search for Pokemon? That could be the best inspiration for you. Even if you are holding tight to the vampire phenomena we have seen in the last few years it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and apply the makeup for a festive, fun Halloween.

We talked everything about Halloween, except hair. Now came to point, here is a collection of Halloween wigs which are fun and flexible; they fit women, men and most children. 

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4 Proven Hair Tips to Protect Hair Color Treated Hair

We have long time not to update the hair dye series, sorry for the delay. In the previous series, we talked about something you need know before you dye your hair at home and DIY Hair Dye Tips & Tricks, did you get the point? I guess yes, since you already know the method of dyeing hair, do you know what you should do after that? Easy & simply 4 tips for you to protect hair color treated hair.

First, wipe excess dye off of your neck and forehead with a paper towel or wet cloth.
There will be much more dye leaving in your face, wipe them off after your dye the hair, it will be harmful for your skin if you keep the dye in your face to long. You need pay attention to that do not disturb the dye in your hair, it's better to put a shower cap on your hair to keep the dye from going everywhere. Once you have put on it, you can wrap your head in a towel so that the cap retains the heat of your head. The method will speed up the dyeing process.

Second, wait until the process time is up to rinse your hair.
Leave the dye in the hair about one hour, after the time is up, taking a shower or using a sink to rinse your hair out. Remember to use warm water to rinse the dye out of your hair. Wash your hair until the water runs clear. If you see the color in shower, don't worry, this is natural and normal, every one who dyeing the hair will have this situation. It doesn't mean you mess up the dyeing process. Please keep in mind, if you dyeing temporary, every time you take the shower the color will run until it completely gone.

Third, shampoo and condition your hair.
Wait at least an hour before shampooing your hair.Waiting to wash allows the dye to more thoroughly penetrate your hair shaft. After you have shampooed your hair, use the conditioner that came with the dye kit.Rub it thoroughly into all of your hair.

Last, dry your hair and style as usual.
You can either blow dry your hair or let it air dry. After drying, style it as normally, not matter you create a beautiful curls or straighten it, just make the style you want most, don't forget to show off your new color,it's the huge success you made. 
Tips:if you're not confident about your dyeing skill and afraid to ruin your hair, we suggest to seek your hairstylist for professional help.

More hair tips and popular styles, please follow us. More>>>