15 Tips About Wearing Hair Weave You Must Know Before You Buy

Most girls love to wear hair weave or hair extensions, because it will bring more beauty and confidence to their life. Here are 15 wearing hair weave tips you should know before you buy the hair weave, hope you can learn something from the tips.

1. Ensure the hair weft are sew in firmly, but will not give you a headache and pulling your hair. If you go to a shop that hurts you, do not go there any more.
2. Wash your hair weave, make sure your shampoo all up in the roots and seep in and all the crevices of the hair scrubbing.
3. About conditioning,  you should condition both your hair weave and your natural hair. You can do deep treatments to make the hair last longer and look better. 
4. Protect the hair, you can apply a net on your head or get all the tracks in the head, this will relieve like a tension and help you to take out hair weave easier.
5. Do not over use heat on every single day, it may hurt the hair badly and make the hair weave more easily to dry and reduce its longevity.
6. Be sure to oil and baby your edges as well as your scalp. If you do not want any dry scalp and dandruff or anything like that so definitely just considering using any kind of oil to nourish your hair.
7. Be sure you are taking breaks once you get a weave and you take it out. This may promote a lot of hair growth, also going to relieve a lot of breaking.
8. If you can not afford it, do not wear it. Many people waste so much money on hair but they don't know how to take care of it. Do not push more pressure on you.
9. Avoid getting glue, do not wear a weave for too long, it is not healthy for the hair.  If you wear too long, you have to take a razor and shave your head out your hair look like dread.
10. Most people will not do and it's called shaping your hair, it applies to all types of hair but really really apply to curly hair, you need to have layers in it, so that the hair looks better.
11. Trim your hair after you do weave. This is very important because the ends of your hair won't be protected and we've no matter what we do, you  know it will tend to break off and stuff like that. Just to maintain health in hair  just trim your hands.
12.  Protecting your hair with scarves and covering it up. If you can take that through the night definitely wrap your hair , covered it with scarves, do everything like that. Because it's going to maintain your beauty of hair.
13. A wide tooth comb is your BF, it actually do break your hair. If you do not want tangling and shedding, especially curly hair, you can use it.
14.  Learn to love your real hair don't care how it looks. No matter you wear clip ins or hair weave, remember to love your own hair.
15. Treat the hair weave as your own hair. All hair sheds, tangles, but if you can take good care of your hair weave, it will brings more beauty to you.


Summer Bob Style, You Deserve It

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chane says. Ready to ditch the weave this summer or cut your human hair weave into a fun new bob? Now it is great time to shed some weight, you will enjoy a new experience! Some might even find that they look way better with shorter strands. Bob style, you deserve it. Now, find your exclusive bob haircut with UNice.

1. Hair color is everything. Dye your hair red purple, and curl it with flexi rods. The luminous and perfect curls make you be a dedicated mature woman.

2. Short hair strewn at random on the head, is the shortest haircut. Only brave girls can hold this, simple but perfect, are you dared to try?

3.  Jaw-length short hair with big bangs bobs, is the youngest style. For hot summer, it is a good choice. Do you love it?

4. Purple bob medium style, change your style with celebrates. One side is longer than the other, sexy and beautiful.

5. Carie's black bob is more natural. Most black girls love dark black color, it is easy to get this look. Just cut it and curl it.

6. UNice Peruvian straight 12inch, made by ashleyedbeauty. Unbelievably eloquent and she is  a mastermind at effective brevity!

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Share Your July Summer Favourites, Win Big Surprise

We all know summer is a good season and we love it,what’s your favorite in summer? Ice cream,sunglasses,bikini or something else? Share share share the things you most loved!As long as your favorite,you can share to us,you will have a chance to win free hair and surprised prize too! Girls,show your summer taste! 

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PS:Recommend 4 texture curly hair
First,most popular Brazilian curly hair,it can be straight, wavy,or curly, it's soft and has medium luster,besides it holds a curl well.

Second,Peruvian curly hair.It's also from South-American,more silky than Brazilian hair.It can be straight ,wavy and holds a curl well.

Third,Malaysian curly hair,it's from Southeast Asia,this hair is silky,very shiny,and holds a curl.

The last one,Indian curly hair,it's from South Asia,the hair has high luster and also hold the curl.

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A Touch Of Summer-8 Perfect Lookout Really Hit You

If be asked which season is your favorite, most of girls will choose summer without hesitation.  Because they can wear beautiful skirt, charming dress, sexy bikini in summer to show their feminine beauty without scruple. However, in face of the hot heat of summer, are you ready to beat it? Look at the eight outside summer clothing optional collocation and hairstyle, come and have a good touch with hot summer and enjoy your summer time now!

First one, black one-piece black swimming suit matched with beautiful sunglasses and nearly dyed UNice Malaysian body wave, sexy and full of mystery, is a good choice for summer swimming.

Second, come to the youthful style. Shoulder-less white shirt with light nice pants and medium bob (UNice Brazilian straight), take us to our memory of college life immediately. If you want to return to the youth, try this.

Third, go to the mature OL style. Classic black and white stripe medium length dress, bomb Peruvian deep wave curly hair with white sports shoes, simple and elegance. This style is for everyone, a little wildness in the pureness.

Forth, say something about this special lookout. Shirt with breeches is common, but with long boots and ombre body wave hairstyle really add more feminine and fashionable elements in this lookout. Try this, you will be unique one too.

Fifth, let us start with this chest open sexy jumpsuits, matched with bling-bling handbag and charming Indian body wave, a strong mood of elegance. The perfect lookout really impress me, sexy and fashionable, to be the most beautiful girl now!

Sixth, so exciting, most favorite sexy bikini with curled Peruvian straight, catch my eyes at one when I see her. This style shows the perfect body line of girls and fabulous wavy hair brings more soft and tender beauty.

Seventh, grass green knitted low-cut vest, white cultivated morality jeans, match green fringed strap scorpions. Blonde Brazilian curly hair with this perfect daily look, add more feminine tenderness and elegance.

Eighth, all in black, the most mysterious color, but she can control. Charming Indian natural big waves, T get black belt corset dress, tie-in black stiletto heel strap sandals, great show female charm and beauty appeal.

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Six Stunning UNice Cool Summer Hairstyles For Black Girls

Summer has arrived! Beachy waves, short curly and braid are on the top hair trends in this season!  But the summer heat can be overbearing especially for human hair weave wears, they want to find some cool summer styles. Now, explore with UNice hair, Maximize your style possibilities with unice.com. We offer a wide variety of textures, colors and lengths, so you can find the best for your individual style! 

Brazilian ombre body wave, stunning all the way. T1B/4/27 three colors combines together so well, makes you feel more cool with heat beat. Turns up your elegance with unice.com.

Peruvian straight curled, charming and classy style. It can be dyed, bleached, permed, straightened and curled. Own one style, you own every kind of beauty, no matter sexy or natural.

Brazilian curly in French Braid style, turns 10 minutes to spot this braid, you will feel summer cool. You even can not even imagine it is a wig, you can wear a wig like this too, beat the hot summer now!

Malaysian straight style, middle part medium length bob, not too long or too short, keep the gentle beauty of girls, is best for students or young girls, say "we are young".

Peruvian deep wave bun, fashion and gorgeous, especially with the brown color. It is dyed by herself, I guess most people will be attracted by this color. Let your forehead breathe the fresh air with UNice hair!

Indian body wave, full and thick, is the most versatile texture and type. She looks perfect in our hair weave with sunglasses on head, a summer lookout indeed.  

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Something You Need Know Before You Dye Your Hair At Home

Summer is a fantastic season,many girls want to special in this hot summer,change hairstyle almost change everything in your appearance,different hair color make you feel different!

Try out a new hair color may spend big bucks,dyeing your hair at home can saves you money and time.But before you do this work,you need to learn how to choose the right dye,prep your hair and face for dyeing,conduct the strand test etc. Are you ready?UNice hairstylist tell you what you should do before you dye your human hair,simple and easy!

1.Wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before dyeing.
Wash your hair allows natural oils in your hair to develop which in turn allows the dye to bind to your human hair more easily. The dye will blend more naturally with your hair, and that tends to make it last longer.If possible ,do not use conditioner when you wash the hair before you dyeing it.

2.Choose the color you really like.
Ignore the photos on the box,many woman only look at the picture on the box when they dye hair at home.If this is your first time dyeing the hair,it's best to stick to a hair dye that is no more than two shads darker or lighter than your own natural hair.There's 10 level of shade,1 is the darkest,10 the lightest.Temporary dyes usually wash out after 6 to 12 shampoos. Semi-permanent dyes will rinse out after 20 to 26 shampoos. Permanent dyes generally last for six to eight weeks, but can sometimes last for longer.

3.Protect yourself from dye stains.
Cover any surface around you that might get dye on it and put newspapers on the floor. Have paper towels nearby to deal with spills. Wear a ratty old shirt you do not like, preferably one you are ready to throw away. It is very easy to get dye on whatever shirt you are wearing.

4.Put a towel or color cape around your shoulders.
The towel or cape will catch any dye that may drip off of your hair during the dyeing process. If you decide to use a towel, use one that is a dark color to avoid visibly staining the towel. Secure the towel in the front of your neck with a safety pin or clip.

5.Brush your hair well.
Make sure that there are no tangles left in your hair. This step will make applying the dye easier, but it will also help you to make sure that your hair will be evenly dyed.

6.Protect your face.
Coat your hairline, ears and neck before applying dye to your hair.You can use Vaseline, lip balm or the conditioner included in the kit.This step is not necessary.but applying this coating will make it easier to rinse off any dye that gets on your skin.

7.Put on the gloves.
Gloves generally come with a dye kit.Remember that it is imperative to wear gloves when dyeing your hair. If you do not, you will end up dyeing your hands as well.

8.Use the supplied bottle or a bowl to mix the dye.
Most box kits include bottles that you use for mixing the dye. Follow the instructions to combine the dye ingredients into the bottle provided. Then, shake the solution until the ingredients are well combined. If your dye does not include these items, then you will need to purchase a bowl to mix the dye in.

9.Mix your dye with a developer.
This only applies to some dyes - the box your dye came in will have instructions regarding developer. The developer is generally included in the kit.If you need to purchase your own developer, choose a 20% developer.


5 New Hairstyles You Should Try This Summer

We all want to special in all season,we love new,we try new!Want to be gorgeous in this summer,why not change a fashion hairstyle?Be beautiful from now on!

1.BOB it
If you're tired of the long hair,cut it!Look at Rihanna and Taylor Swift' short hairstyle,it offers timeless beauty and elegance.Bob hairstyles seems to have endless variations that can be created depending on one's facial structure,any woman is sure to find a style that suits her best.

2.Baby Bangs
While bangs might seem like the last thing you want in the summer,by keeping it brief you can make it bearable and adorable.This hairstyle is fun and flirtatious,but not for everyone,those with more spacious foreheads will be better for this look.So think twice when you cut it!

3.Long Layers
If you're looking to grow your hair out,there's no better time than the present.Layered haircuts with long layers are gaining popularity, as long layers allow for a large number of different styling choices.Instead of cutting a straight line,this long layer hairstyle may be your best choice for this hot summer.

4.Sexy Curly
Certainly the trend on runways.Curly hair girls is more charming and attract everyone's eyes.You can't be wrong with the curls,they look fantastic,especially when your waves are shining.If you're a fan of messy curly hairstyles and prepare to love the fuzz,throwing some curl primer into wet hair, then once dry finish it off with frizz-fight balm.

5.Cool af Hair
"Willowy street urchin" is a versatile lob-like length cut that's textured and messy.To retain or enhance your natural wave,the stylist suggests air-drying and spritzing your entire head with texturing spray.